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Posted on Feb 04, 2016 by admin | Comments Off on 4 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health. Comments
Papillon Dog

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel around your pet?

Spending quality time with a dog, cat, or other animal can have a positive effect on your mood and your health.

A Healthier Heart. Dogs keep your heart healthy because dog owners walk more and have lower blood pressure than people who don’t have dogs.

Stress Soothers. Patting your dog or cat feels good. It can help your body release relaxation hormones and it cuts down on your stress hormone levels.

Social Magnets. Pets, especially dogs, can help you connect with other people. Dog owners find it much easier to communicate with other people who own dogs

People with pets are generally happier, less lonely, and more trusting than those who don’t own pets. Your pets give you a sense of belonging and meaning.

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