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5 Best Beaches to Visit in Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Spending your time on the beaches in Sydney during summer is one of the top fun things to do, given that Sydney has some of the best beaches you can ever find in the country. A visit to Sydney will give you a clue of what most people in the area take pride of. Their beaches. There is no way you could visit Sydney and fail to make a trip down one of their beaches. If you’re not a surfer, at least you’ll get delighted with the swimming or watching. There’s always something for everyone. As such, you have to worry less since mother nature has everything sorted out. Here are some of the 5 best beached to visit while in Sydney:

1. Tamarama
The best thing about this strip of sand at Tamarama is that you get to enjoy what you may term as an air of luxurious seclusion, which is not what many individuals may expect, given that this is a city beach. Besides, it’s closeness to the busiest beach in the country could make you expect it to be quite busy too, but it turns out that you have a lot of seclusions to enjoy at this beach. For surfers, bodyboarders, and sunbathers, this is the best place to be, since you enjoy all those activities at once, depending on what you may prefer.You may decide to take a break from the sun at the kiosk as you renew your body’s energy with some fresh juice.

2. Freshwater
This beach, situated at the north of Manly is one of the beaches that boasts a rockpool that will delight you and your younger ones if you have some. It also holds the history of surfing in Australia, since it where surfing started in Australia, with a Hawaiian swimmer showing interested crowds what he was capable of doing with a board, way back in the 20th century. Before heading home from the location, a stop at the two-hatted Pilu restaurant for some lunch would be worth.

3. Bondi
Bondi is undoubtedly Australia’s pride regarding the best beaches, which means that the location is quite busy, especially during peak periods when you expect lots of visitors. The best thing about the location is that it seems to have unending charms despite holding lots of individuals interested in having a share in the experience at the place. North Bondi should be the best location to go swimming, and if you visit the area mid-week, you will get to enjoy full benefits and appreciate Bondi for what it really is. If you get there early enough to catch breakfast, consider stopping by Brown Sugar, or get some brunch at Icebergs. Don’t worry about lunch, since Hall street at Bondi hardware has the best foods for you.

4. Bronte
Looking for one of the loveliest and most accessible city beaches you can find in Sydney? Then make an effort to visit Bronte, which is hugged by the headlands and surrounded by an excellent picnicking park. This is the best spot to dive into the water after a coastal walk from Bondi. The rock ledges at the location will give you some room for a nap when you feel like it’s too hot. For those who may be concerned about lunch, there are several cafes from which you can also get some takeaways to eat on the shore.

5. Shelly Beach
This is a location you can get to by taking a walk south along Manly’s main street. If you think that having a picnic at an area surrounded by bush, with some exotic fish to view, convenient to get by ferry, then this is the place to be. Other than picnicking, you can also surf at Fairy Bower or decide to swim the Cole Classic, which is Australia’s largest ocean swim.

In conclusion, the above are the best beaches to be at during your visit in Sydney. There are lots of things to do while at a beach, and the best thing about the beaches listed above is that they offer you such activities while giving the perfect environment to enjoy various fun activities. So that you won’t live to be told about these beaches, the best thing is that you head out and enjoy the feeling.

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Top 5 things to do in Sydney Eastern Suburbs