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Bondi Beach is among Sydney’s most popular beaches. The suburb is located about seven kilometers to the east of Central Sydney business district of the Council of Waverley local government region. The neighboring suburbs are Bondi Junction, North Bondi and Bondi. The beach is also among the most visited sites by tourists in Australia.

History of Bondi Beach

Just like Bondi suburb, the Bondi Beach suburb name comes from Aboriginal people which means water noise as it breaks above rocks. In the museums in Australia, the records shows Bondi to mean a place nullas flight occurred. The land was formerly bought as part of Bondi till later in 1867 when a son of Hall Smith renamed the region around the beach as Bondi Beach resident and its surrounding became public’s amusement resort and picnic ground. In June 1882, Bondi Beach was officially declared a public beach after O’Brien fight to preserve the beach.

Recreation sites and sports in Bondi Beach suburb

Bondi Icebergs

This is a swimming club which began in 1929 from the desire which a certain local’s band of lifesavers wished to keep fit in winter season. The club was then formed and drafted their own constitution.

Skate Park in Bondi

It was opened officially in 1991. At the time of opening it featured only two ramps of skating. Later in 2004, it developed with construction of a shallow bowl under sponsorship of Skateboard Australia.

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