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The Bondi suburb is situated about 7 kilometers on the eastern side of Central Sydney business district within local government region of Council of Waverley. The population of the suburb is around 10,045 people.

Location of Bondi Suburb

Bondi suburb is a high and medium density residential region which is centrally placed on the Road called Bondi which is also the location of shopping center. The suburb is neighboured by Bondi Beach to its east, Bondi junction to its west and Waverley, Bronte and Tamarama to its south.

The History of Bondi Suburb

The word Bondi originates from boondi which a word of the Aboriginal people meaning rocks producing water. The word has had various spelling such as Bundye, Bundi, Boondi which have been used till 1827 when they settled for Bondi as the regions name. Bondi area covers about 0.81km2 which is a piece of land that was granted to William Roberts a road builder in 1809. Smith Hall, Monitor of Sydney later in 1851 purchased the land.
Among the historical buildings in the suburb is the public school called Bondi School which was built back in the year 1883. As well historically, Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction shopping center were attractions of Bondi area until it predominantly developed on its own in between the two to become the Bondi suburb.

Media in Bondi

The region has its own media called Bondi FM which was established back in 2000 broadcasting 24/7 from the top of Bondi hotel up to 2014 when Bondi Radio took over.

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