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Dover Heights suburb is a coastal suburb in the Eastern side of Sydney, situated in New South Wales, a State in Australia. To its North it borders Vaucluse, to the south North Bondi, to the West Rose Bay and to the east Pacific Ocean. This suburb is mainly a residential type of suburb. Most of the properties in this suburb are expensive as that they give views of Harbor Bridge and Sydney Harbor. Dover Heights features a reserve called Dudley Page which attracts many tourists.

Dover Heights is considered among the most influential suburbs within the Local Government Region of Waverley as well as in Sydney. Its affluence is reflected in the prices of the properties such as nearby suburbs like Bellevue Hill and Vaucluse where the price of a median house is more than $2 million.

The History of Dover Heights Suburb

The suburb drew its name from the cliffs which are found next to the Pacific Ocean in resemblance of cliffs found in England a place called Dover. The name Dover Heights was first mentioned in 1886 in some records of the municipal. Originally, it was a market gardens area.
Between the years 1785 and 1853 the land was under ownership of Daniel Cooper who also owned Waterloo Stores. The store was situated at Market Street and George Street corner of the city. Later in 1913, Dover Heights was subdivided.

Recreation and sports in Dover Heights

Dover Heights since the year 1908 has always participated in most popular competitions in Australia such as National League of Rugby which is sponsored by Roosters from Sydney.

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