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The Paddington suburb often called “Paddo” is described as inner city which is situated about three kilometers east of the Central Sydney business district. Paddington lies within 2 local government regions. The area which is on Oxford Street south is part of Sydney City while the area Oxford Street north is part of Woollahra municipality.
This suburb covers an area of about 1.5km2 with a population of around 12900 people. The suburb is bordered by Darlinghurst to its West, Moore Park to its South, Rushcutters Bay and Edgecliff to its North and Woollahra and Centennial Park to its East.

History of Paddington Suburb

Paddington suburb is considered as a region which is associated with Cadigal people stories. The Cadigal people belonged to a language group called Eora or Dharug which is inclusive of Central Sydney business district. This ridge is known as a very efficient route where Oxford Street is built and also the Aboriginal people used it.
Paddington unlike other suburbs has maintained a small population as it remained since the 1930’s as a suburb for the European working-class.

Some of the landmarks in Paddington Suburb

1. Town Hall
The foundation of the Hall was laid in 1890 by Sir Parkes Henry and at that time Paddington was a different municipality. It was officially opened in the year 1891 and is still an example of architecture of Victorian in Sydney.

2. Victorian Barracks
Constructed between the years 1849 and 1849 still displaying among the best military architecture across Australia. It also includes a museum which opens only on Thursdays from 10am to 13pm

3. Paddington Reservoir
Between the years 1899 and 1866, this reservoir provided most Sydney parts with water. Later in 2006, the reservoir’s remnants of the construction were put into preservation in a sunken garden and named Read Walter Reservoir.

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