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Woollahra suburb is situated five kilometers on the eastern side of Central Sydney business district which is in the local government region of Woollahra municipality with a population of about 7,400 people. Woollahra municipality drew its name from Woollahra suburb with its center of administration situated in a place called Double Bay. The suburb is widely known because of its tree-lined, quiet residential streets as well as the shopping center in village style.

History of Woollahra

The name Woollahra is Aboriginal with the meaning meeting ground or camp. The names was adopted in 1856 by Cooper Daniel who was elected as first speaker in assembly of legislatives, New South Wales as he laid the Woollahra house foundation. The progress and establishment of the suburb went on drawing its name from the house.
Woollahra has homed McGarvie Smith who was the first biochemist and metallurgist producer of anthrax vaccine which can be preserved.

Commercial area of Woollahra

Just like Paddington its neighbor suburb, Woollahra has the highest art gallery concentration in Sydney. Queen Street is surrounded by numerous restaurants, antique shops and cafes. This suburb homes various consulates of the governments such as Turkey, Poland, Russia, Germany and Serbia.

Events and culture

Fair in Queen Street
In Queen Street in the 1970’s, there was a fair which was held. Formerly it was a community only fair which later grew and became so commercial such that locals did not like it as it was a disruption, size and noise in the Street. In the 1980’s the fair was ceased.

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