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Is My Pet Sick

Are you wondering, “Is my pet sick?”

Well, you can tell a lot about your pet’s health by looking at his gums. The pet’s gums provide a great deal of information into their general health condition, and it can help you evaluate your pet if you’re wondering whether it’s time to visit the veterinarian.

The colour of your pet’s gums can provide a lot of information about their general condition, including the following:

– Pink but paler than normal — This is a sign of mild illness. It can also result from inactivity, as the circulatory system slows during sleep and rest. So remember to evaluate your pet’s gums when he’s awake and walking around.
– White gums — White gums are a sign of a serious, urgent health problem that requires immediate attention.
– Blue gums — This indicates your pet is suffering from hypoxia; he’s not getting enough oxygen, so this too is considered a veterinary emergency
– Brick red gums — This is indicative of heat stroke or severe overheating. This is yet another serious situation that requires immediate medical attention.
– Yellow gums — This is indicative of jaundice, which can be a chronic problem in some pets. It’s important to get your pet evaluated if his gums appear yellow in colour.

Of course, to evaluate your pet’s gum colour properly, it’s important to know what their gums look like when they’re healthy! So peek at your pet’s gums when he’s feeling fine so you can get an idea of his baseline.

Gum colour aside, you can also examine the surface of the pet’s gums to determine if he or she may be dehydrated. Dehydration is a common sign of illness, as sick pets often refuse to eat and drink properly. If your pet’s gums are sticky and dry, this is a sign of dehydration. If they’re wet and slick, this is considered healthy.

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