Sydney Eastern Suburbs
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My Day in Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Visiting Eastern Suburbs in Sydney is among the best ventures to make good use of your vacation time. There is a lot to see such that you may not even make to see everything. When I visited the suburbs during my vacation, I did experience so much as I was accommodated in Randwick Accommodation which is close to very many fun attractions to visit. Some of the fun points I visited include:

1. Coogee Beach

This is among the best getaway for relaxation once while on vacation. The beach features shimmering white sand which necessitates everything required on a beachside relaxation on holiday. I was also offered with plenty of other entertaining activities such as snorkeling eye-opening trips, refreshing swims, surfing expeditions which are thrilling and also beautiful walks around. After such activities I could now lay on the sand which is soft, shop for whatever food or drink I would like to have.Next to the beach was a pavilion which offers food so delicious. It is a restaurant covering 3 floors with an area for playing games, garden terrace and above all offering a very nice view of the surroundings. I stopped over the pavilion and enjoyed the incredible pizzas and burgers and also Mediterranean fare offered in the place.

2. Bondi Beach

Another world wide famous beach. A place not to fail to visit if around eastern side of Sydney. I visited the beach and got a chance of enjoying offers such as scenes to backdrop television shows and movies. The beach also features golden and glowing sand where I did jog, enjoy the sun’s feeling and also walked on. The beach is about one kilometer long. Since the beach is situated close to city center and hence receives so many people, tourists and locals throughout the year. I also watched the events offered in the beach including art shows of the community and surfing marathons.

3. North Bondi

This is a fish casual restaurant situated near Randwick which is the best choice if looking for freshly prepared seafood in a chic and modern setting. I visited the restaurant as I very much wanted to enjoy the sea food for my lunch. The paradise besides Bondi beach offered other features such as steaks, sliders, salads which were served with the sea food which was of very high quality. The dish was so mouth-watering such that I would not have afforded to miss it even when I have the chance to visit the place again.

4. Entertainment Quarter

My last day in the Eastern side of Sydney I visited a park called Moore which is neighbored by Entertainment Quarter. This is a fun ground for most of Sydney tourists. The Quarter featured leisure activities, shopping opportunities as well as entertainment. The Quarter homes many features such as restaurants, bars, retail sellers, cinemas with a very beautiful performance area of outdoor events. I also got a chance to visit the village market in the Quarter and enjoyed the great food which was offered. Entertainment Quarter as well offers entertainment for kids including painting plaster studios and Monkey Mania.

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