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Top 5 things to do in Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Most places in this world are perfect destinations for those individuals who feel like they need a break from their busy schedule and also looking for a change in environment. Sydney, Australia happens to be one of those places you need to give a try when you feel like you need a change of things. The common thing about traveling to new places is that it leaves an impression, whether good or bad, but the good thing is that you have the chance to determine what experiences you gain from the places you visit. If you want the best experiences, always ensure that you know more about the area before getting there and that you are aware of the various fun things to do while at such locations. That’s why you need to read on and discover more about the various fun things you can do while at Sydney to help you enjoy the place better:

1. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
This is one of the things that even the locals never tire of doing. The spectacular coastal landscape in the region begins at the magnificent Bondi icebergs and makes its way through some of the best beaches in Sydney, Bondi being one of them. Those who may be lucky enough to engage in the walk during spring have a chance to transform part of what they see into a seaside art gallery. The walk roughly takes 1-2 hours when done leisurely, though stopping at various points to enjoy what the walk has to offer is highly recommendable. Besides, this is something you might do once or just several times in your lifetime, especially if you are a tourist.
2. Visit the Centennial parklands
Locals love this place for what it has to offer. An awesome spot for cycling and running given that the locations offer a conducive environment for various activities. Why not visit the location and try your hand at various activities such as bike riding, horse riding, or even try a round of golf? The best thing is that you will have fewer worries when you have worked up your hunger since all you need to do is head to the café and have a pleasant feed and then top up with a refreshing drink. Other than that, you may decide to have a picnic with your family or friends, go for a quiet walk, or just decide to read a book, since the grounds here are awesomely manicured. Take advantage of the fact that there is no entrance fee, so all you need to do is head to the location and enjoy what it has to offer.

3. Get some surfing lessons
Is surfing your thing? Do you feel like you want to expand your experience in surfing or you want to start surfing? Well, Australia’s most iconic beaches in Sydney have the best waves if you want to catch one and surf your way to higher experience levels. You may attend surf lessons at Bondi or Maroubra beach, so you can learn to catch that dream wave you’ve always wanted to catch, whether you are a pro already, or are just starting out to see what the ocean has to offer. The teachers at such places will guide you skillfully so that you get every trick in surfing, and turn yourself into a surfing local in no time.

4. Royal Randwick Racecourse race day
The racecourse we are referring to, here, is the preferred location for some of the most reputable race meets, not only for Australian individuals but also for individuals that come from various locations in the world. With one of the best stadiums and outstanding facilities, this location has more to offer than just sports. Come and enjoy a mixture of sports, fashion, cuisine, and entertainment. This venue has been Australia’s longest standing race venue, and for that, it’s highly recognized in history. Thus, you can expect to interact with various locals as well as visitors who also come to promote their experiences.

5. Watch a movie at the heritage listed Ritz Theatre
Do you feel like you need to connect to some of the histories of Sydney’s entertainment and experience something you may not have experience in any other theatre? Then head out for Ritz theatre, which was built in 1937 and see why the theatre is treasured by the locals. Bing one of the two original art deco cinemas that remain in Sydney, you don’t have to get amazed at why the place holds a special place in the local’s hearts. Besides, it has survived an interesting history, and to experience that, all you need is head down there, and watch a movie in a charming and unique setting. Given that it’s located in a place that has a cafe, shopping hub, and restaurant in it, then you can be sure to get some excellent meals and drinks to give a greater experience.

In conclusion, Sydney is one of those places that has something for everyone. The above-listed activities will help you appreciate more of Sydney suburbs and what they have to offer. The experience gets better when you have some company with you, so you can have great moments that may leave a mark which will stay for a lifetime, depending on how you embrace the great experiences. Now you know the activities you need not miss out on when at Sydney suburbs.

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