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Why You Should Cut Your Dogs Nails

Are your dog’s nails nicely trimmed and clipped?

If not, it’s time to get out the clippers because your pet’s overgrown nails can adversely impact his health!

Long, over-grown nails can be a tremendous liability, as longer nails are more apt to break down at the base, in the live portion of the nail. These nail injuries can cause lameness and it repairs often require putting the dog under general anesthesia.

What’s more, over time, when your dog’s nails are left to grow unchecked, the quick – the live portion of the nail – will grow longer. This makes it impossible to keep the pet’s nails appropriately short and trimmed; it also makes the dog more prone to nail injuries and cracks.

A cracked or broken nail can also allow infection to enter the pet’s foot. Infections often take hold very quickly since the foot is constantly exposed to dirt and bacteria; foot injuries and infections can also be extremely difficult to heal.

Nail injuries aside, long nails can curl under and into the dog’s paw pads. This can result in chronic pain and infection. They can also result in toe pain, as the long nails cause the toes to sit in an unnatural position while the dog is walking.

So remember to keep your pet’s nails trimmed to avoid unnecessary infection, injury and pain.

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